LC. Devine Gifts

Devine Gifts
 Assignment To create a website for a local business  – Devine Gifts, using Google sites.
Project team I am Lucy C, a student of Millchase Community Technology College.
My team consisted of myself, client and support from my teacher/assessor and TLM.
 Project goal The project goal was to produce a website for a local company of my choice.
 Client requirements The client required a website for their Gift shop, which included the opening times, gifts (products) and location details. The brief was to keep things simple so that information was clear and simply accessible by the customers.
 Method of work  The first step was to create a rough design of the website and then I produced a “Mood Board“ of all my ideas.   Once this initial work was complete I had a meeting with the client, the owner of the shop at the shop. As a result of the meeting I made a list of all the features she required.  The information I obtained together with the initial design brief provided the basis for my work.  I used a plain template and developed it into the theme of the shop. I designed the content using the client’s information provided in the meeting and this helped me put together a Google Sites Website for Devine Gifts.
 Web content Home Page, Contact Page, Gifts Page.
 Software used The website was made using Google Sites, Microsoft Clipart, and digital photos taken by myself of the shop.  The logo was provided by the proprietor of Devine Gifts.
 Teacher comment Lucy has been very focused on creating a website that represents Devine Gifts. She spent an afternoon at the gift shop where she took photos of the displays and has had several discussions with the owner, each time taking note of the important details responding appropriately to the feedback.  Lucy has created an effective website that is to the client’s brief and a very good start for her first attempt in this field.


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