DC. Walton Hall Farm

Walton Hall Farm
 Assignment Walton Hall Farm does not have a web site and asked Walton Hall School pupils for help.
Project team Donna C volunteered to lead a project to make the web site with support from TLM, teacher and peers.
 Project goal To produce a web site for Walton Hall Farm.
 Client requirements The client required a website that will include following information headings: About, Animals, Gallery, Feeding and a contact page.
 Method of work  Discuss with the client ideas for the appearance of the site. Make a site that can have content put in and up-dated by the client. Text and pictures and a gallery of images.
 Web content This required the choice of images, text sizes and shapes and an attractive way to present the menu. For this I used buttons for breakfast, dinner, desert and drinks.
 Software used Website created using  wix.com  and also some image editing software. This allows you to make web sites for free.
 Teacher comment Donna worked hard and learnt a lot from building this web site.  She used wix which enables the design of the site to be done using templates. She has improved her communication skills and literacy as well as her abilities to follow instructions and take the needs of other people into account. It has been a significant motivator to deal with a real problem and a real client rather than just a simulated exercise.



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