The Learning Machine Ltd

 Assignment The Learning Machine Ltd does not have a web site suitable for general marketing. The Assignment is to make a simple web site using WordPress that can be easily up dated and expanded by the client and link to other relevant sites.
Project team Yani B. supported by peers at his school in Bulgaria, National Aprilov high school.
Project goal To build an expandable marketing web site for The Learning Machine Ltd
Client requirements The client requires a website that will act as a marketing shop window explaining simply and clearly its products and their benefits.
 Method of work  Work with the client using collaborative technologies to agree the format and structure of the site using the Word press content management software. Provide a focus on clarity and ease of updating without too much clutter. Try out ideas, seek client opinion and review and revise. This site will never be finished because the content will always be subject to updates.
 Web content Text and images with links to other sites and media with relevant further information.
 Software used Website created using WordPress. Images edited using GIMP. Design in Inkscape. Text in Gedit. 
 Teacher comment Yani is a capable student who is keen to learn and has an interest in international business and computer science. He has collaborated well with his client using web technologies to span the distance between the UK and Bulgaria. He has learnt a lot about communicating with a client in non-technical as well as technical areas. He has improved his English. The opportunity to work on a real web site and internationally has been a significant motivation to him.


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