AH. Eccleshall Cafe

Eccleshall Cafe
 Assignment Eccleshall Cafe has no web presence and asked Walton Hall School pupils to help.
Project team Adam H took on the leadership of the task with support from TLM, teacher and peers.
 Project goal Produce a web site for Eccleshall Cafe that will be quick and clear to display the menu and contact details.
 Client requirements The client required a website that will include following information:
Welcome, Menu and Contact Details.
 Method of work  Students brainstormed possible websites needed. Approached potential clients and had meetings to discuss client needs. Website front page ideas were drawn on paper, then converted into a web page. Using wix, websites were made live.
 Web content This required the choice of images, text sizes and shapes and an attractive way to present the menu. For this I used buttons for breakfast, dinner, desert and drinks.
 Software used The main software used was wix. This allows you to make web sites for free. I also used some image editing software.
 Teacher comment Adam worked hard to create a very eye-catching, simple and creative website. Adam has worked hard under guidance to produce his site and is very pleased with his work.  Using wix enabled Adam to avoid the complexities of html coding and allowed him to concentrate on content layout and the visual design. He has learnt a lot beyond the technical aspects of creating the site. He has used communication well and understands the need to plan to deadlines.



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