AM. Blonde Ambition

Blonde Ambition
 Assignment In this project, the assignment was to use Google sites to create a website to promote a hairdressing salon.
Project team I am Alysha M, a student of Millchase Community Technology College.
The team was just me and the client with support from TLM and my teacher/assessor.
 Project goal To produce a web site that can quickly and easily tell people how to find Blonde Ambition and about the services offered. The goal is for a site based on the clients’ stated needs. The client had only simple requirements and so I was left to base my website, its design and its contents on the client’s company’s leaflet and the services they provide. This enabled me to use a basic site template and include the necessary information with scope to add to it as required.
 Client requirements The client requirements that were mandatory included, contact details, an about us page and a price list. I had to agree not to publish the website until the client had tested it themselves and are happy for it to be published. The client also asked if I would be available to make up-dates.
 Method of work  In the beginning stages of this website project, I perpared and planned a proposal of what my website would look like so the client could review it themselves. When it came to me making my actual website using Google Sites, I started with a template but in the end completely changed it. I kept certain aspects of the layout that I thought were good and did not need to change.As I progressed further, my continued work on my site included adding new pages and information on the company to meet the details provided in the client brochure. A title logo was also created to fit with the theme of the website. It was designed to fit in hairdressers as this was the target occupation for the site.
When my website was near to completion, I still had some minor things to fix and complete in the final stages of the project. Here, I mainly finalised and fixed the website, touching up the few things that were incomplete gaining feedback from the client.


 Web content My final website included these pages: Home, About Us, Special Offers, Opening Times, Price List and Gallery.
 Software used I created my website using Google sites. I used Microsoft Publisher to create a new leaflet and Paint for the new logo.  Google sites provides a lot of the software needed to build the actual web site.
 Teacher comment Alysha showed a lot of determination to make this website meet the client’s stated needs. She adapted the original template to make the site as original as possible.  She has spent a lot of time creating a logo for the website, which she hopes the shop will want to continue to use throughout the rest of their advertising to provide consistency.  Alysha also recreated their business leaflet so that it would match the web site and was very conscious to get everything looking consistent, the text, colour, font etc.  She has learnt a lot, not just about the technical skills


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