CT. Stone Youth Centre

Stone Youth Centre
 Assignment Stone Youth Centre have no web presence and have asked Walton Hall School pupils to help.
 Project team Craig T and friends
 Project goal To produce and web site for Stone Youth Centre that meets their needs.
 Client requirements The client required a website that is in keeping with the youth centre ethos and contains the following links.

  • About us
  • Location
  • Updates
  • Important dates.
Method of work Consult the client and understand their needs. Provide some sketches of ideas and show them to the client. Do a first design using the client feedback. Add some more facilities to allow the youth centre to upload audio and video and support a forum.
 Web content Text and information related to the youth centre. Multimedia files.
 Software used Websites created using webs.com which allow you to make a web site for free.
 Teacher comment Craig is a capable student who worked hard to create a very eye-catching and comprehensive website. Craig has had a very close relationship with his client to make this a working website very close to what was required.  He has learnt a lot related to communication and planning skills as well as the technical skills in operating the software.
 Online-URL  http://youthcentre1.webs.com/


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