ES. Description of LnM Web site

 Assignment This website was created for a new start up venture in the music industry. It is a live performing band called LnM. They require a web site that reflects their style of music and which can help promote them in their tour of live performances.
 Project team Emma: E.S supported by family and friends. Consulting with clients from my school: Cottenham Village College.
 Project goal To build a website to successfuly promote a performing arts business.
 Client requirements The website must: Describe the band and say what they do, identify the songs that they can play and where people can find their facebook page to join their social networks.
 Method of work First there is research to find which website builders were available. Some are simple but lack flexibility others like Drupal and Joomla are much more complicated than needed. Once I had decided on Jigsy, I had to work with the client to agree the layout and the content. Then to take pictures and present them appropriately. All the time checking with the client to make sure it is what they want.
 Web content The website includes the following pages: Home, About, Contact us, Suggestions and a Repertoire. We can add more content as the business develops and we have more music to present. This is just like a company building up its product range.
 Software used I used Jigsy as the main tool to build the web site. Also a digital camera for images and some photo-editing software.
 Teacher comment Emma has worked well and independently to create this web site. She has taken into account the needs of her clients and fulfilled her aims.


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