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You’ll soon get information about competitions for students. Students who will prepare the most original, innovative and creative website using different tools, can get rewards! Check regularly this section.


How to build a website using Google sites

This tutorial is created to illustrate how to build a website using Google Sites. With this simple, yet comprehensive guide you can set up a website very quickly. Using Google Sites templates helps speed up the process but you are able to edit to suit your own preferences.

This set of HOW-TOs supports the activities related to the Assessment Criteria for INGOT Web Site software units in the Schools ITQ course. For Level 1 (Silver) assessors will need to provide continuous help and support. For Level 2, learners should be able to go through this fairly self-sufficiently in order to produce a workable web site. One idea might be to help a local small business set up a web site or improve their existing web site as part of Work Experience. Other ideas might include setting up a web site for a school club or society.

  1. How to create Google mail account
  2. How to plan a website using Google Sites
  3. How to start on building your new website: (using a blank page)
  4. How to start on building your new website: (using a template)