JB. YoYo Youth Centre

YoYo Youth Centre
 Assignment YoYo Youth Centre does not have a web site and asked Walton Hall School pupils to create one for them.
Project team Jeremy B voluneered to produce the web site supported by the client, teacher and TLM.
 Project goal To produce a web site for the YoYo Youth Centre.
 Client requirements The client required a website that will include the following information headings:About us, Location, Special Events, Gallery and contact page.
 Method of work  Work with the client to agree the layout and structure of the web site. Use wix for a free web site and so we don’t need to know coding. Website front page idea was drawn on paper, then converted into the web page.  Talking with the client all the time to make sure it was what they need. This is very important.
 Web content Text and images and some places to receive information from people wanting to join the Youth Centre.
 Software used Website created using  wix.com  and also some image editing software. This allows you to make web sites for free.
 Teacher comment Jeremy is a capable student who has collaborated well with his client. He has learnt a lot and was particularly motivated by working on a project that has a real purpose. He has improved his literacy skills and awareness of e-safety as well as improving his confidence through the award of his certification.



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