MM. Description of Ego Web site

 Assignment The client (Ego) wants a website for promoting their business on-line and raising awareness of the location of their barber shop.
Project team Morgan M at Mill Chase Community Technology College.My team was just me the client, my teacher and support from TLM.
 Project goal To produce a web site that can be used to attract new customers and give existing customers useful information.
 Client requirements The client required a website that included the following information about their company:

  • the services they offer including hairstyles, washing, cutting and drying.
  • prices.
  • contact details.
  • location.
  • opening times.

I agreed to not publish the website until the client had tested the website herself first. The client also asked if the site could include and embedded Google map.

 Method of work Firstly, I prepared a paper version of a potential look and feel for the website for the client before creating a website using Google Sites. I used a blank template and customised the theme, fonts, design, navigation, footers and logos.At this time, I changed the size of the company logo.
To conclude the first prototype, I added further content and royalty free clip art. It is important to respect copyright and licensing, especially when working for a client with a business.

I then had to work out how to embed the Google map.

Once this was all done I decided I could do better so I made a new version of the web site using Wix web site builder as I think it was better than Google sites.

 Web content The original specification was for the site to include: Welcome, Styles & Prices, Contact & Location using an embedded Google map.
 Software used The first website created and developed using Google Sites.Royalty free clipart from

The second web site was done using Wix.

 Teacher comment Morgan has found this project very enjoyable as he now creates websites for a hobby.  He had a look at Ego Barbers logo and was adamant that the website should reflect the same style, to keep everything consistent.  While he did face a few challenges along the way, he always faced them head on and tried to get the best result.  He has improved his skills with both Google Sites and Wix and now helps other students to use the software.  He has learnt a lot from this, especially in terms of keeping things clear and simple to make information accessible.


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