PB. Staffordshire Motorcycles


Staffordshire Motorcycles
 Assignment Stafford Motorcycles have no web site and have asked Walton Hall School pupils to help.
Project team Led by Pete B, and supported by my teacher and friends and TLM.
 Project goal To produce a web site for Stafford Motorcycles that helps customers see what the company provides and can enable them to make contact.
 Client requirements The client required a website that will include following information:About us, Services, Reviews. Location and contact details and an embedded video related to motorcycles.
 Method of work  I volunteered to do the web site for Stafford Motorcycles. I brainstormed how the web site would look.  I approached the clients and had meetings to discuss client needs. Website front page idea was drawn on paper, then converted into web page. Using wix websites were made live. I made a simple site so it was easy to load and use.
 Web content Overview of Stafford Motorcycles with all the supporting information asked for by the client. I embedded a video as provided by the client. Put in text provided by the client and images.
 Software used Websites created using wix.
 Teacher comment Pete worked hard to create an eye-catching, simple and creative website.  Using wix enabled Pete to avoid the complexities of html coding etc. and he has concentrated on learning how to structure the site and include different types if information.  He has learnt a lot in dealing with the client and producing something for a real purpose.



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