The learner outcome – Kromeriz Real Estate


The client doesn’t have any website promoting his branch in Kromeriz.

Client requirements:

The client required a website that will include following information: basic information, contacts, services.

Method of work:

In the first stage, I prepared a proposal a website design.(Background colour, font, font colour, site structure, design of web, headers, footers, navigation, etc.). The client selected the website in a blue colour.

The size and colour of the logo was modified in adobe photoshop cs5. Then I showed the website to my client and he wished to add a quick contact on a homepage.

In the second stage, the links have been inserted into the logo, which is located in the header and footer of the website. Also I have created a hyperlink to website.

In the third stage I have checked and finalized the website, the errors were mainly related to text content and the graphical errors have been corrected. I had a meeting with my client where I explained how to work with the website and we have agreed on long-term cooperation.

Used software:

Netbeans 7.3, adobe photoshop cs5, Open Office


Teacher comment:

Contact between the learner and the client was fully directed by the learner.

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