The learner outcome – SBP&M


The client has had a website and required the addition of an eshop module – with the same graphical design and CMS.

Client´s requirements:

The client has had a basic website developed in CMS Joomla. He required the addition of an eshop module in the design and the same CMS, comfortable for him.

Methods of work:

The methods of work depended on the client´s requirement. We had to find and try the suitable modules which would be compatible with the existing website.

Then the implementation of graphics was the next step. Eshop was implemented for the current design and the necessary relations were set up.

The pages were published and enlarged according to the client´s requirements.


The main problem during the work was the necessity to keep the original system and elarge it by the specific modules. Graphical unification was also quite difficult.

The communication between the Czech students and the business in Germany was challenging. But finally the website has been finished according to the client´s requirements.


CMS Joomla





Teachers comment:

About learners: JS and PS have finished their studies at PrimMat this year. Field of study: entrepreneurship in euroregion, focus on building construction. They are 19 years old and the project was an opportunity to get new skills and knowledge in ICT.

About client: entrepreneur in cattering

Contact was established by a partner in GEBOL project.

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