The learner outcome – Schmuck Heike


The client doesn’t have any website that is promoting her business in Germany.

Client requirements:

The client requested to create a unique “courage” website that will include her artworks and biography.

Method of work:

In the first stage, we created a free version of the website on the server and we created a template for the future work. First of all, we worked on design which took us lots of time. We decided to modify the template and we added at the background the photo of client’s work. Stage by stage, she was sending more information and photos for the website. After the design was completed, the client has purchased the domain and we have copied all information, set up, photos to the original website. Currently the website is under modification according to her instructions.

Used software:



Windows live photography


Teacher comment:

About learners: Three students of a second year of study at PrimMat developed the website. They are 17 years old and ICT are their hobby.

The client is an artist.

Contact between the learners and the client was arranged by a partner in GEBOL project.


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