The Learner´s Outcomes – An Architect


The client owned a website that was used for the promotion.


The client’s requirements:

The client requested to relaunch the existing website without any further specification. The website must contain the same information as the previous one.


Method of work:

In the first stage, I went through existing website of my client. I tried to learn about her work as much as possible. I created a website using Google sites.

I have used on of the page templates where I have changed a few things.

All checked with my client if whether the website is fine or anything needs to be changed.

In the second stage, I have updated the website according to the client’s request. The layout of the website has changed and a text was added. Because my client didn’t like Picassa application, I uploaded the photos on www.rajce and after I add them on the website.

In the third stage I have controlled and finalized the website, the errors were mainly related to text content and small graphical errors have been corrected. I didn’t need to explain to my client how to work with the website as she had an experience from previous website.

Website content:

  • Introduction / Company information
  • Information about project – old and new projects + photos
  • Service
  • About – CV
  • Blog
  • Contact
  • Links


I have used only and online album where I had to upload the photos.


The client comment:

The collaboration with student was excellent.

The teacher comment:

About developer: MS is a student of PrimMat: business in euroregion focused on hospitality and tourism. ICT is one of her hobbies. She is 18 years old.

About client: The client self-employed, she works as authorized architect.


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