The learners outcomes – Interpreter


The client has got a Flash based website that was used to promote her business:

The client´s requirements

My client requested to create a bilingual website. The client required a website that will include following information: basic information about services, references, contact and photos, website visitor counters and background in pastel colours.


Method of work

In the first stage, I have established a new account with Google. The information on the website must be in Czech and German language. For the background I used a salmon color but my client didn’t like it as well as the layout which was very small.

In the second stage, I have created a second website where the page template was copied. I have added Czech and German flags to the both pages and modified the thml codes to serve as a link to the websites. The background colour was changed to blue and I have changed the layout of the website to bigger one. Finally, I set up an account with which serves as a counter.

In the last stage, I have finalized the website. I had a meeting with my client where I expained how to work with the website and Google Analytics. Reference and photos were insered to the page as well. We have agreed on a long-term cooperation.


Webpage content:

Contacts (map and photo)

Information about services – translations and interpreting services, teaching


Price List


Travel Impressions (photos)

Google Analytics – counter

Flags – two language versions


Used software:

I have used only and Picasa web album where I uploaded all photos.


The client comment:

I am very satisfied with MS who flexibly responded to my comments, she worked very quickly and everything has been done to my wishes. We are still working on the page at the moment.


The teacher comment:

About developer: MS is a student of PrimMat: business in euroregion focused on hospitality and tourism. ICT is one of her hobbies. She is 18 years old.

About client: The client self-employed, she works as a court translator and interpreter.

Contact between the learner and the client was fully directed by the learner, school has no influence on that. We are of the opinion that learners should be able to find a job themselves.


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