The Learner´s Outcomes – TAXI


The client doesn’t have any website that is promoting this business.


The client´s requirements

The client requires a website development based on prepared data.

The client required a website that will include following information: basic information about the company Hallo Taxi Trinec, information about services, contact and photos of cars which are used for the business.

We have agreed to not launch the website until the client will test the website by himself first. We have agreed also that the website will remain on:

And later on will be replaced to the own domain for example:


Method of work:

In the first stage, I prepared a proposal on the look of the website and also I have established a new account with Google. I  used  a clear template which I have modified (background picture, background colour, font, font colour, site structure, design of web, content, headers, footers, navigation, etc.).


I have changed the size and layout of the car’s pictures in Picasa web album. After that I synchronized the Google account with Picasa web album.

Client asked me to change the font and also he wanted add a company business card into the contact section.

In the second stage, the horizontal navigation of the website was edited. I added there the tabs, news (home page), about us, contact, our service and our cars.


In the third stage, I controlled and finalized the website and I have not found any mistakes.

I explained to my client how to work with the website and we have agreed on long-term cooperation. In the future I will edit the website, add more information.



Webpage content:

  • News
  • Information about the company Hallo Taxi Třinec
  • Contact
  • Order form
  • Cars photo gallery


I have used only and Picasa album.



The client comment:

I am very satisfied with the website, the collaboration with student was excellent. All my requirements were fulfilled

The teacher comment:

About developer: AH is a student of PrimMat: business in euroregion focused on hospitality and tourism. ICT is one of her hobbies. She is 18 years old.


About client: The client self-employed, he owns a taxi service in Trinec town.


Contact between the learner and the client was fully directed by the learner, school has no influence on that. We are of the opinion that learners should be able to find a job themselves.


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